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I just want to thank everyone for following and keeping up with my Rachel throughout the time that she’s spent at WMKU! You all have been so lovely and awesome, and I have had an absolute blast taking her on this journey! I’ve made some pretty great friends along the way here and WMKU will always be my first RP home, I honestly could not have asked for a better RP to be a part of!

However, it is time for me to explore a new chapter of Rachel’s life, which will take place five years from now after she’s graduated from WMKU and all grown up! If anyone is interested in following her story, check out the link and the new main RP page…I have some really exciting things planned for our favorite Streisand worshipper! If not, then thanks again for following and best wishes to you all!

Much love,


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So—I picked up a few shifts at Squawkers when I got back from California and I seriously regret ever doing so. These past few days have been absolute hell and we’ve been extremely busy.

I seriously hope everyone else has been having a better week than I have. Anyone have anything exciting going on?

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Lovely, just gorgeous Rachel!

Awh thank you so much, Sebastian! How are you doing, dear? Feeling any better? 

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Me the other day with the Ben Nye Makeup team!! So happy that I got to meet everyone and become a part of this awesome company!!

Me the other day with the Ben Nye Makeup team!! So happy that I got to meet everyone and become a part of this awesome company!!

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Well…until next time, California! I’m back home, everyone!


So I guess everything is working great for you I guess. That is good to hear and New York…that sounds so incredibly exciting. But it is good that you missed your home.


My week was fine. A lot of work, but still, it was okay. And I am actually happy because of classes and school. I missed it already.

It is, Miss Rose! I got the job and had to stay in LA for a few extra days, but it was totally worth it! And yes, yes, yes! New York is like…a drug for me, it’s literally the air I breathe so it will be wonderful to go back next month! Yes, I realllllllllllllllly missed my cats, though…I think they’re mad at me for being gone for so long.

Where do you work, love? And I agree, I’ve missed school as well, it keeps me busy and makes me feel productive. I’m beyond thrilled for the new semester to start back up, I have some pretty exciting classes lined up as well. What classes are you taking this semester?

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Well…until next time, California! I’m back home, everyone!


I bet it was nice and warm in California. Oh, you’re going to New York? That’s amazing to hear, Rach.


I’ve been bored a lot and definitely not thrilled to go back to school, even though it would give me things to do.

Oh my Barbra, Kurt! You have absolutely no idea, I’ve come back to Ohio with a pretty awesome tan, if I might say so myself! I am! I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet, but I booked work as a model for a stage makeup company in LA so while I get to go to New York it’s mostly a business related trip. I’m super excited, have you ever been to the Big Apple?

Bored? Well that’s no good, I think we should change that, Mr! Would you like to join me in a back to school spring shopping spree soon!?

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Joshua didn’t want to go to school/day care today..so what does he do?


He fakes sick so my mom has to drop him off at my place..And now he won’t relax..or leave Squishy alone.


Joshua faked being sick? He’s too young for that! Still, he’s so precious. How have you been, Danny?! How’s your mom?

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"Success is changing from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Success is having the security to look in the mirror and like what you see." - Barbra Streisand (1964)

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Good stuff that happened in 2013:

The cast of Les Mis perform at the Oscars

Samantha Barks looks stunning and my love Aaron looks handsome as always! 

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Well…until next time, California! I’m back home, everyone!

Thankfully I’ve arrived just before the Spring semester starts back up and won’t have to take time off or leave to do more business with the make-up company until late February in…wait for it….New York!! I’m so excited, but I’ve discovered that I take Lima for granted a lot. I surprisingly really missed my apartment and cats and all my friends, of course!

How has everyone else’s week been going? I take it everyone is just thrilled to go back to school?

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